DIY: Floral Crossbody Purse

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse 1Spring has sprung and florals are all the rage. I know, I know Floras? For Spring? Groundbreaking! But this crossbody bag is truly the perfect Spring accessory. This project, inspired by the Kotur silk floral applique clutch… DIY my moi! This project is simple and chic. See all the DIY details below…

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse  2

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse 3Materials: Purse, Faux Flowers, Scissors, Glue Gun

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse 4Use your scissors to remove the flowers from their stem. Apply them to your purse with your hot glue gun and alow time to dry.

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse 5Floral dress by H&M (vintage) similar here, here and here | Shoes by JustFab

Photos by Sylvia G.


DIY: Jeweled Clutch

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Jeweled Embellished Clutch A jeweled clutch is the perfect accessory for almost any outfit. It will dress up a flirty sundress or bring the glitz to your cocktail attire. I picked up a silver metallic basic box clutch (via Kate Young for Target) a few weeks ago and wanted to give it a little make over before my next outing.

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Jeweled Embellished Clutch MATERIALSMaterials: Clutch (here), A Necklace (or other statement jewelry pieces), Glue

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Jeweled Embellished Clutch KATE YOUNG TARGETCan we talk about the Kate Young for Target collection for a second?! Hands done one of my favorite Target collaborations as of late. It’s all about the little accents and the details. The jumpsuit is and obvious winner! And I’m loving this bodysuit (here) and these booties (here). The BEST part is the entire collection is that it’s now 30% off in stores. I know you’re probably like, “Girl that collabo has been out for awhile.” Yes I know! But I’ve learned to wait a few weeks for the sale price before I shop these goodies. I’m now the proud owner of this dress, this dress and this dress! Where will I wear them to? Who knows, but the were on sale!!!

Now back to your regularly scheduled DIY project…

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Jeweled Embellished Clutch SNIPUse a pair of pliers to remove any access chain or findings from your jewelry.

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Jeweled Embellished Clutch GLUEGlue your jewelry pieces directly to your clutch and allow a little time to dry.

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Jeweled Embellished Clutch WHAT YOU GOT IN THAT BAGThe makings of a perfect night out: a jeweled clutch, a Summer scent, statement earrings, MAC eyeliner, Rimmel London mascara, L’Oreal ‘Pink Plush’ lipstick and Aretha Franklin on Pandora

DIY: Sequin Heart Shaped Purse

Glitter N Glue DIY Sequin Heart Shaped Valentine's Purse Valentine’s is days away… show of hands who has a hot date?!?! Well don’t be too jealous of me because I’ll be spending my Valentine’s night curled up on my couch, playing kissy face with a quart of Haagen Dazs rocky road ice cream and watching SCANDAL!! #OkBeJealous Anywho, if I had plans on Thursday night that required me to put on actually clothes and not just my PJs, this heart shaped sequined purse would be my go to accessory. It’s so festive and so easy to make!

Glitter N Glue DIY Sequin Heart Shaped Valentine's Purse MATERIALS

Materials: Sturdy Fabric*, Sequins, Glue, Needle and Thread, Chain, Safety Pins, Scissors

*I used an ultra suede fabric for this projectGlitter N Glue DIY Sequin Heart Shaped Valentine's Purse TRACE

Create a heart shaped stencil* out of paper then trace the shape directly to your fabric.

*Be sure to add about a half inch seam allowance to your stencil Glitter N Glue DIY Sequin Heart Shaped Valentine's Purse CUT

Cut out two equally shaped fabric hearts. Glitter N Glue DIY Sequin Heart Shaped Valentine's Purse SEW

Place your fabric pieces one on top of another and use your needle and thread and sew up the sides. Be sure to leave an opening for your purse and DO NOT sew up the top of the heart. Glitter N Glue DIY Sequin Heart Shaped Valentine's Purse FLIP

After you’ve sewn up the sides, flip your heart right side out to hide your seam.Glitter N Glue DIY Sequin Heart Shaped Valentine's Purse GLUE

Add a health amount of glue and apply your sequinsGlitter N Glue DIY Sequin Heart Shaped Valentine's Purse SEQUIN

Completely cover your hear in sequins Glitter N Glue DIY Sequin Heart Shaped Valentine's Purse PINUsing your safety pins, attach the chain to the inside of your heart

Glitter N Glue DIY Sequin Heart Shaped Valentine's Purse DETAIL

Glitter N Glue DIY Sequin Heart Shaped Purse PS: These gold cap top pumps are also DIY. Click here for that tutorial.

Swim. Poolside In A Short Suit

Last night I headed over to the W Hotel Westwood  for their night time pool party called Swim. Needless to say not a soul got in the water to take a “swim” but we all had a great time. So many familiar face mixing, mingling and watching the sun set over the city. I love the summertime in LA because I often find myself hanging around a pool and sipping cocktails.

Did anyone happen to see the pics of Beyonce leaving her hotel in Paris last week? (If no, click here)  What do yo think of her yellow short suit? I loved it! It inspired me to bring out my white suit for the pool party. Beyonce wore Surface of Air. Kristen wore Kmart.

Bright blue shoes were the trend of the evening.

My DIY eyeglass ‘n necklace purse made a poolside appearance. I’m OBSESSING over this project and plan to make many, many more. Different cases, different necklace.

{Black ‘N Silver Glitter manicure by Madeline Poole Nails }

While I was in the area I had to treat myself to  a late night snack. I’m 30 days out from my brithday vacation to Hawaii and I’ve been really good about watching what I eat, but I’ll make all sorts of obsessions for In-N-Out. The line might have been long and it’s not on my diet plan, but it’s so worth it! If you ever make the trip to Los Angeles…call me. I’ll grab my DIY purse and meet you at In-N-Out for some grub. #Delish

DIY: Necklace ‘N Eyeglass Case Purse

The Louboutin 20th Anniversary collection has me crushing on purses that come with their own accessories… an embellished shoulder strap. If I could afford it, I’d be the owner every purse from that capsule collection including this one and this one, but alas we all know I’m financially busted. Thanks goodness this DIY is super easy and super cute ’cause it’s all I got!

Materials: A Hard Eyeglass Case (this one was on sale $5 from Aldo), A Long Necklace, Eye Screws


DIY: Chanel Inspired Transparent Over The Shoulder Bag

Photo Credit

There were MANY things I loved about the Chanel 2013 Resort collection, but I’ll have to admit at first glance the clear shoulder bag wasn’t one of them. I think it took me back to me retail days. When I worked at Saks the Asset Protection department had all employees put our belongings in a clear bag. It was to prevent employees from stealing, but I was always weirded out by it. However, the more I got to thinking about it the more I remembered how easy it was to find stuff in my clear Saks work bag. I never lost my cell or my keys. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I needed to get me one of these clear bags for the Summer. Let’s be honest, I play the ‘find the key at the bottom of your purse’ game at least twice a day.

Materials: Clear Travel Bag (available at the Container Store), Chain, Suede, Grommets

To give your bag that classic Chanel look you’ll have to weave your suede material through the chain. The amount of chain you’ll need depends on your personal preference. Just remember that you’ll need double the length of suede to be sure you have enough to weave through the entire length of your chain.

This weaving process takes some time so don’t rush it. Do it during your favorite TV show or while chatting on the phone to your bestie. It took me about a hour or so to weave the suede through about 2 yards of chain. After you finish you’ll never question the price of a Chanel bag again! All of their bags are handmade and boy do they take some time to make.

Now it’s time to add your grommets. You can pick up grommet kits from your local fabric or craft store. First, cut a hole in your bag where you would like your grommet to go.

Then use a hammer to apply the grommets

Repeat the same process on the opposite side

Once you’ve added the grommets, slide the chain through the bag. Use a pair of plyers to connect the chain and tie a double not in the suede to secure your strap.

The clear shoulder bag is the perfect accessory for Summer.

The woven chain strap is a great detail

What I got in my bag (from L to R): iPhone and charger, BCBG bronze mini notebook, Swarvoski crystal pen, keys to the Beamer, Cynthia Vincent make up bag (which hold a few of my fave products), gold glitter H&M wallet, my business cards, my sunnies from TOMS

Shout out to all my PR friends that invite me to event and hook me up with amazing gift bags. Besides the iPhone, make up and the keys to the Beamer everything else was gifted! #ThanksForTheSupply

DIY Inspiration: Plastic Bags

Colorblock your transparent bag by adding a little paint.

Add hardware to jazz up your plastic bag

Keep it chic and add chain to your transparent bag

A plastic envelope from your office supply store transforms into an oversized transparent clutch