Beerfest: The Blood Orange Shandy Cocktail

Miss Kris Blood Orange ShandyI have to admit, I’ve never been much of a beer drinker… unless the game is on! If you guys follow me on twitter between the months of August and February, you know I’m a football fan (Geaux Saints!!). On any given Sunday during football season you can find me in a sport bar, wearing heels and my Jimmy Graham jersey,  yelling at the TV screen and drinking a beer straight out the bottle like all us classy ladies do!

We’re still a few months away from the beginning of football season, but there’s still tons high excitement sporting events going on. Here in LA we have the Dodger playing ball, the Kings are doing big things on the ice and the LA Clippers are working hard to stay in the NBA Finals. The excitement is so high. I always know when a big game is on because I can hear my neighbors cheering. The Blood Orange Shandy is the perfect game day beverage. It’s a beer base drink that goes down like an artisan handcrafted cocktails. You have to make this one for all your friends who are like “I don’t drink beer.” It’s so easy to craft (beer + blood orange soda + a hint of sparking water and orange garnish) and I promise it’s the best cocktail for chic sports enthusiasts.

Miss Kris Blood Orange Shandy 1-1PS: I’m currently hosting a DIY contest in partnership with Lucky Buddha Beer. It’s a good one for all those like me who love an afternoon of crafts and cocktails. Head over to the Luck Buddha Facebook page (here) for all the details and to enter. The contest runs from now until June 4th and the top prize is $1,000 to your local craft supply store. $1,000!!!!! I’ll be posting more details soon.

The Miss Kris Blood Orange Shandy was inspired by the The Boys Club version

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Cubed: DIY Coffee Cubes For Instant Iced Coffee

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIYNow that Starbucks red cup season is behind us and my pumpkin spice latte is officially off the menu, it’s time to return to my regularly scheduled caffeine programming. Forget what the fashion mags are telling you, in LA fresh brew in a go cup is the number one accessory of the Spring/Summer season. I’m totally guilty! It’s rare that you’ll catch me out and about during the day without an iced coffee in hand. Although, to save me from making multiple daily trips to the brew house (Hi! My name is Kristen and I’m a coffee addict) I’m freezing a few coffee cubes so that I can quickly make iced coffees on the go in the comfort of my own kitchen. Here’s how…

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 1First, make a big pot of coffee. Once it’s cooled, pour the coffee into ice trays.

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 2Store the trays in your freezer and give your coffee time to freeze.

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 3Cubed!

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 4Once your coffee is frozen, add your cubes to a cup and flavor with milk and sugar.

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 5The quick and easy way to prepare iced coffee at home!

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 6originally via Pinterest

Thirsty: A Very Berry Blueberry Mojito Recipe


Miss Kris Blueberry Mojito 2Blueberries + mint. I love this color combination and I have no doubt that I’m going to love this blueberry + mint mojito recipe. I’m counting down the minutes until happy hour. I look forward to kicking off the weekend with a refreshing mojito and the blueberries add the perfect twist. What do you think? Would this be something you’d try?

See the original recipe here at Sugar and Charm

Glassware available at Crate & Barrel.

Drinks: The Rose Noir Cocktail

Miss Kris Rose Noir Cocktail Martha Stewart Mason ShakerYes I know it’s only Monday, but in anticipation of the crazy work week ahead of me I’m starting things off with a cocktail recipe! Last week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Josh and Eric of The Mason Shaker posted this seemingly delicious cocktail recipe to the Martha Stewart blog that has me counting down the minutes to Friday! This rose champagne based recipe (mixed with blackberrieslemon + vodka) is simple and elegant. It’s perfect for a cocktail party or for a relaxing, yet fab evening at home. It’s exactly what I plan to be sipping on once I put this busy work week behind me.

 Click here for the complete Rose Noir recipe.

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