Thrift Chic: DIY Chalkboard Serving Tray

Photo 5Have you guys been following along with my Thrifted Genius series in collaboration with Darling Magazine? I was so thrilled to collaborate in this series where I turned thrift store finds into fab new decor pieces. I transformed a glass liquor decanter into a lamp (here) and a frame into succulent planter (here). Click here to see how I transformed a vintage silver serving tray into a chalkboard, perfect for those home personalized messages.

Special thanks to Kasey of Kasey Jones, Ink. for the lovely chalk art. ( …my handwriting is pretty awful lol)

Thrifted Genius: A Miss Kris + Darling Magazine Series

PhotoGenius?!?! Who me?!?! lol Well I guess so… according to Darling Magazine anyway. I’m so excited to team up with them on a really fab new DIY series. A combination of two of my favorites things in life… thrifting + crafting (throw in a cocktail and I’m in heaven). Once and month through the end of the year I’ll be showing the Darling Magazine readers how to easily transform an inexpensive item you thrifted from the thrift store into your new favorite decor piece.

My latest project was turning a vintage glass decanter into a uber chic lamp. Seriously this project too all of 5 mins to complete and is so elegant looking. Click here to see just how I did it. Stay tuned to Darling Magazine for all the Thrifted Genius projects. A few weeks ago I made a fab succulent garden out of an old frame (here). Fun stuff!

VIDEO: DIY Lucite End Table

This project has been on my DIY to do list for MONTHS! The materials have just been sitting in a corner collecting dust, but I’m so excited I finally got a free moment to create this luxurious lucite end table. I’m obsessed with these acrylic frames you can do almost anything with them… end tables, purses, etc. I’ve been eying a lucite table from One King Lane for months, but just can’t afford it. What do you guys think of this faux lux alternative?!

VIDEO: Everybody Get Your TASSEL ON!

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 9.32.44 PMI cannot even begin to explain how much fun I have creating project with the two fab ladies form A Fab Life, Leah and Mary. Since it’s officially Fall and tassels are to this season what pom poms are to Summer, we figure we’d give you a double dose of tassel inspiration in a fun video collab. Click here to see how to make them and for a little fashion inspiration. Then, click here to see how to work them into your home decor.

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VIDEO: Stackable Glassware DIY

Miss Kris DIY Glassware Cake Stand I love glassware!! I’m always on the hunt for new pieces. I find them at the kitchen supply stores, the dollar stores and even love finding vintage glass pieces at the flea markets or thrift stores. That rosy colored glass (depression glass as they call it) is always a unique find. I life alone so obviously there’s not need for me to be collecting all this glassware. Thankfully I’m crafty and can create anything with a little E6000.

You can transform glassware some pretty cool decor pieces bu just using a little glue to stack them into layers. A cake stand, a jewelry organizer or a pretty planter with just glass and glue. All the fun DIY details are here in this little video.



Thanks so much to the fab ladies at The Girls With Glasses Show for helping me with this project!! She more of their videos here.

VIDEO: DIY Bar Cart + How To Style It

Miss Kris Bar Cart DIY IKEA HackNo home is complete without the proper bar cart! The bar cart seems to have have a resurgence in popularity over the past few years. There are so many fab carts on the market, although they can be pretty pricey. Don’t ask me why, but from some reason my brain thought that a baby changing table would make the PERFECT bar cart (<- reason #4,237 I’m not yet ready for kids lol)!! Click here to watch me transform this $30 changing table from IKEA into a cart fit for a glam hostess.

I also invited my friend Kelly of Kelly Golightly over to share in some fab tips for perfectly styling your cart. Use fresh fruit and garnish to add a pop of color to your cart?!?!? Watch the video for more!

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{photo and video by Jessica Castro}

INSPIRATION: Summer Vacation Keepsake

Miss Kris Summer Vacation Keepsake DIY{image via Miss Kris}

Some of our best memories are made on Summer vacation. Are you looking for a way to preserve those precious moments? When I was little my family would often make trips to the beach. My little brother was obsessed with collecting shells and rocks he found while playing on the beach (ha boys!). Sometimes he’d find nice pieces, sometimes they’d be all broken. Regardless, my Mom would try and save as many of these pieces as best she could as keepsakes for our family vacation. She’d often buy nice seashells or star fish from the local souvenir shops…  you know if case my little brothers finds didn’t make the trip hack home. Once home she’d find fun ways to display the pieces so that our Summer memories would live on. I always love these accent pieces as they had special meanings to my family! What do you think about showcasing vacation souvenirs around your home?

DIY INSPIRATION: Remove the glass from a frame and glue your keepsake to the inside of the frame. Take a Sharpie and write the location and date on the paper. Then, hang it on the wall and keep that memory with you forever.


VIDEO: DIY Watermelon Keg

Miss Kris Watermelon Keg DIYComplete honestly right up front… Pinterest is to blame for this project! These watermelon kegs have been blowing up my Pinterest feed and with the 4th of July coming up I thought now was the best time to try to make on. I have about a 80% Pinterest project success rate. I was worried about how this would turn out because I see lots of room for leakage potential, but Id’ have to say it worked like a charm!!!! Watch the #DIY video here and don’t forget to subscribe (here) to the Miss Kris YouTube channel while you’re there. This keg the perfect accessory to your upcoming Summer get together. Now to find the perfect watermelon and vodka cocktail recipe…

#DIY: Hashtag T-shirt DIY + Crossroads Camp 2014

Hashtag this and hashtag that! There’s that joke floating around the internet about how social media has taking over or lives so much so that some of us speak in hashtags in our daily vernacular -> watch! I have to admit that I’ve been guilty of this in the pass. So obviously when Crossroads Trading invited myself and a few other blogger affiliated with their Style Council to speak on a panel about blogging and lead their managers retreat in a few DIYs, I thought these social media hashtag tees would be a perfect project! #Brilliant #iKnow #DIYGenius #Humility #LOL

This project is pretty simple after you get over the fear of working with iron on transfer paper. The printing instructions can be complicated so my recommendation is to pick the transfer paper that has the instructions clearly printed on the box. You’ll have to print your image in reverse, so just make sure they spell it out for you clearly on the box so that there’s no confusion! You can purchase transfer paper at your local craft and hobby store. Once you have your paper, follow the instructions to print out your favorite hashtag and then iron it on your shirt. Some of my faves: #nofilter, #ootd, #fashionblogger or your can custom create your own hashtag for your event: #CrossRoadsCamp2014, #KristenAndDrakeGetMarried

Miss Kris DIY Hashtag T-shirtWe all had such a wonderful time at Crossroads Camp. As long as I’ve lived in California, I’d never been up North to wine country. It’s simply breathtaking. I’ll have to make plans to visit again real soon. In other news, I can mark “road trip” off my Summer to-do list!!! Below are a few instapics from our trip up to Sonoma.

Crossroads Camp 2014 Miss Kris Crossroads Style Council Road TripImages via @BJonesStyle, @FabLeahAshley, @FabMaryDarling, @ClothesHorseNYC, @GrasieMercedes

VIDEO: DIY Pom Pom Poncho

Words cannot express how badly you need one of these pom pom ponchos for the Summer!!!!  Seriously, it’s chic Summer loungewear at it’s finest. This 1 minute 40 second video tell your everything you need to know to create you own. Watch, click the like button if you’re into it and don’t forget to subscribe to the Miss Kris YouTube channel. There are more sizzling Summer videos coming your way. Enjoy! xo

Miss Kris DIY Pom Pom PonchoPhoto by Sylvia Gunde

DIY: Upcycled Golden Beer Bottle Floral Garland

Miss Kris Lucky Buddah Beer DIY Bottle GarlandRecently I posted a beer based cocktail recipe for a yummy blood orange Shandy. It’s a delicious cocktail for a fun weekend afternoon get together, but what to do with all those empty beer bottles? Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Transform those beer bottles into hanging floral garland. A golden way to decorate your party.

LuckyBuddha Miss Kris Gold Bottle Floral Garland DIY 2Thoroughly cleaning out the bottles and in a well ventilated area, spay the bottles with gold paint

LuckyBuddha Miss Kris Gold Bottle Floral Garland DIY 3LuckyBuddha Miss Kris Gold Bottle Floral Garland DIY 4LuckyBuddha Miss Kris Gold Bottle Floral Garland DIY 5Use strong twine to string bottles together then fill them with florals and hang them against the all

LuckyBuddha Miss Kris Gold Bottle Floral Garland DIY 6

LuckyBuddha Miss Kris Gold Bottle Floral Garland DIY 7Now for some very exciting news! I’m co-hosting the “Pins to Win” craft contest presented by Lucky Buddha Beer. Lucky Buddha Beer is call all fans, crafters and artist to create something special using an up-cycled Lucky Buddha Beer Bottle for a chance to win $1000 to spend at your favorite local craft store. I along with David Bromstad from HGTV and fellow DIYer Taryn Southern will be judging the pins. Click here for all the details.

Get creative!!! First, second and third place winners will receive $,000, $500 and $250 respectively and the winners will be feature on the Lucky Buddha Beer’s social media channels. The contest runs through June 4th and you can pin your projects here. Good luck! I can’t wait to see what y’all create.

Fringed: DIY Fringe Skirt

Miss Kris Fringe Skirt DIYFringed!!!! This project is actually a throwback… will the internets allow for a #ThrowbackTuesday?!? Anywho, three years ago when Beyonce told us who was running the world (girls!) I was inspired to create my own version of the mini fringe skirt she wore in the video (here). Well that was three years ago and to be honest “mini fringe” doesn’t work for me anymore. I’m really crushing on fringe and wanted to recreate this skirt for my Summer wardrobe in a more age appropriate length. Fringe skirts for the grown and sexy, y’all!

Obviously I would recommend wearing a skirt underneath when you’re wearing this fabulous lady out in public, but you know I had to give y’all the full effect for these photos.

Miss Kris Fringe Skirt DIY 2

Miss Kris Fringe Skirt DIY 3Miss Kris Fringe Skirt DIY 4Materials: A belt, fringe and a glue gun

Miss Kris Fringe Skirt DIY 5Use your glue gun apply a healthy amount of glue to the inside of your belt. Apply a layer of fringe to the glue and let it dry. Once it’s dry, apply more glue and another layer of fringe for a fuller skirt.

Miss Kris Fringe Skirt DIY 6Miss Kris Fringe Skirt DIY 7Shoes by Aldo

Photos by Sylvia Gunde

NOTE: If you’re having a difficult time locating long fringe, try calling my local fabric store directly. International Silk + Woolens (323)653-6453. Ask for Nabilla or anyone in the notions department. They’ll ship it directly to you if you live in the USA. I purchased 2 years of the 24 inch black fringe to complete this project. Enjoy! xo

VIDEO: DIY Pinata Just In Time For Cinco De Mayo

Pinatas aren’t just for the kiddos anymore, especially when they’re stuffed with dazzling arm candy and glamorous goodies. If you’re looking for a fancy pinata for your upcoming Cinco de Mayo party try crafting your own. It’s easy, but the results are so fab you’ll find it hard to smashing it open… like seriously you might cry! My tears quickly turned to smiles as I stuff my adult pinata with fab accessories from Sole Society. I mean adult pinatas have to be stuffed with adult friendly things, riiiiiiiight?! Below are a few of my current Sole Society accessory obsessions.

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Miss Kris Loves Sole Society Accessories

No.1 | No.2 | No.3 | No.4 | No.5 | No.6 | No.7 | No.8 | No.9 | No.10 | No.11 | No.12 |         No.13

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 9.35.01 PM

Thanks  Sole Society for the yummy baubles

Video by Jessica Castro

Cubed: DIY Coffee Cubes For Instant Iced Coffee

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIYNow that Starbucks red cup season is behind us and my pumpkin spice latte is officially off the menu, it’s time to return to my regularly scheduled caffeine programming. Forget what the fashion mags are telling you, in LA fresh brew in a go cup is the number one accessory of the Spring/Summer season. I’m totally guilty! It’s rare that you’ll catch me out and about during the day without an iced coffee in hand. Although, to save me from making multiple daily trips to the brew house (Hi! My name is Kristen and I’m a coffee addict) I’m freezing a few coffee cubes so that I can quickly make iced coffees on the go in the comfort of my own kitchen. Here’s how…

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 1First, make a big pot of coffee. Once it’s cooled, pour the coffee into ice trays.

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 2Store the trays in your freezer and give your coffee time to freeze.

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 3Cubed!

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 4Once your coffee is frozen, add your cubes to a cup and flavor with milk and sugar.

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 5The quick and easy way to prepare iced coffee at home!

CUBED Miss Kris Iced Coffee DIY 6originally via Pinterest

VIDEO: DIY Tortoise Lucite (aka recycled plastic) + Jeweled Earrings

I’m obsessing over all the Springtime tortoise jewelery I’ve been seeing as of late. And with a Earth Day just a few days away, I was inspired to dig through my recycling bin and use a piece of plastic to help me create this lucite inspired look. This is such a fun, chic and earth friendly (well kind of) project. And because I know so many of you have been asking about the sew on jewels, I found them at a store in downtown LA called The Bead Factory. You can order online here.

I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe to the Miss Kris Channel! xo

Wet Paint: DIY Nail Polish Splatter Paint Canvas

Miss Kris Nail Polish Graffiti Jackson Pollock 1-1Where do I find my crafty inspiration, you ask?!? Well today it came when I knocked over a bottle of nail polish while trying to tackle my at home mani. See this is usually why I get my nails done at the salon… I ALWAYS make a mess! Thankfully, this is not my first day at the DIY mani rodeo and there was a piece of paper there to protect my furniture from my handy work! When I was finished painting, the paper reminded me of a Jackson Pollock painting and inspired my afternoon project. What a fab way to add a little color to a plain white canvas.

Miss Kris Nail Polish Graffiti Jackson Pollock 2MATERIALS: The most important is nail polish! The best thing about this project is that you can make it whatever colors you want. Clearly I have a lot of polished to choose from. I recommend choosing 4 to 5 of your favorites. You’ll also need a white stretched canvas and spray paint.

Miss Kris Nail Polish Graffiti Jackson Pollock 3First create the base color by spray painting your canvas. I chose to paint my canvas gold, but you can use silver or whatever color you wish!

Miss Kris Nail Polish Graffiti Jackson Pollock 4Then, apply your nail polish. Have fun with this! The color combo is completely up to you.

Miss Kris Nail Polish Graffiti Jackson Pollock 5For this project just remember that it’s important to layer your colors. Once you’re done splattering and layering be sure to allow a few hours dry time.

Miss Kris Nail Polish Graffiti Jackson Pollock 6

What do you guys think? What color combination would your choose?

Cocktails ‘N Crafts: DIY Embellished Detachable Collar

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIYLooking for a fab way to spend your weekend? Suggestion… host a cocktail ‘n crafts hour with friends!!! In my opinion, quality friend time is the perfect way to knock off a few of those lingering projects on your DIY to-do list. I’ve been wanted to embellish a detachable collar for some time now, so I was very excited when my friend Sydne (from Sydne Style) mentioned that she was wanting to create one too. Cue an afternoon of crystals, cocktails and crafts!

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 2A detachable, embellished collar is very simple to make. Use your scissors to removed the collar from an old shirt. Then, use a healthy amount of glue to apply a few Swarovski crystals to your collar. The pattern and design is completely up to your imagination.

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 3

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 4Delicious Skinnygirl Prosecco + paper black and white straws! Pure yummy deliciousness at only 100 per serving. Cheers to that!

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 6

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 7Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 8

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 9If you’d prefer, keep your shirt in one piece and apply the crystals directly to your shirt. What a fab way to revamp a shirt you already have in your closet.

Miss Kris Sydne Summer Embellished Collar DIY 10Thanks to Sydne for a fun afternoon of crafting and cocktailing. For more style tips check out her blog, Sydne Style.

Photos by Preston

DIY: Matte Black Mason Jar

Miss Kris Painted Matte Black Mason Jar DIYI know it’s Spring and we’re susposta be all about color and what not, but I’m currently having a very black and white moment. I’m obsessed bouquets full of white flowers and I think the contrast of a black vase really make the arrangement stand out. So chic! Thankfully because of an intense relationship I had last Summer with mason jars, I have a few laying around. With a coat of paint they can easily be transformed and repurposed to use this Spring. This little project is beyond simple. You can complete the look of a room or the theme of a party in just seconds with these painted jars.

Miss Kris Painted Matte Black Mason Jar DIY MATERIALSMaterials: Mason Jar + Matte Black Spray Paint

Miss Kris Painted Matte Black Mason Jar DIY PAINTIn a well ventilated area, apply one coat of paint to the jar. Allow time to try before use.

Miss Kris Painted Matte Black Mason Jar DIY FULLYour color options are endless. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere posted lovely mint bottles last week. Here’s another idea… apply the chalkboard spray paint and add a personal message to your jar. This would make an absolutely fabulous gift for a special someone.

Miss Kris Painted Matte Black Mason Jar DIY DETAIL

DIY: Floral Crossbody Purse

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse 1Spring has sprung and florals are all the rage. I know, I know Floras? For Spring? Groundbreaking! But this crossbody bag is truly the perfect Spring accessory. This project, inspired by the Kotur silk floral applique clutch… DIY my moi! This project is simple and chic. See all the DIY details below…

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse  2

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse 3Materials: Purse, Faux Flowers, Scissors, Glue Gun

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse 4Use your scissors to remove the flowers from their stem. Apply them to your purse with your hot glue gun and alow time to dry.

Miss Kris Floral Crossbody Purse 5Floral dress by H&M (vintage) similar here, here and here | Shoes by JustFab

Photos by Sylvia G.

Spotted: DIY Leopard Print Keds Slip-Ons

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin OnsAs we transition from sweater weather to slip-on season, I thought now would be the perfect time to customize a pair of plain white sneakers. A pair of basic shoes is like a blank canvas. Use your imagination to create your very own personalized pair of Spring slip-ons. Obviously, I needed a leopard print pair…

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons  DETAIL

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons MATERIALSMaterials: Canvas Keds (available at JCPenney) + markers, one gold (here) and one black (here)

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons GOLDUse the gold marker to create dots on your canvas slip on

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons BLACKUse the black fabric marker to outline the dots. In order to achieve the leopard print, be sure not to connect the the outline.

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons FULLFill in your spots as needed.

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons JUMP

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons TIERAD t-shirt by Express | Flannel by Ralph Lauren | Shorts by Torrid* | Shoes by Keds

*The shorts actually use to be a pair of jeans. I cut off the legs to make them shorts and used a sheet of sand paper to distress them.

Miss Kris Spotted Animal Print DIY Keds Spin Ons SMILESPhotos by Sylvia G

The Butterfly Effect: DIY Butterfly Push Pins

Miss Kris DIY Butterfly Push Pins Inspiration Board Office DecorA few months I came across an instapic that totally inspired! See it here. I knew that come Spring, I would be giving the inspiration board in my office a makeover with these lovely DIY butterfly push pins. Now technically Spring doesn’t officially arrive until March 20th, but let’s be honest it was 90 degrees in LA this weekend so obviously Spring is sooooooo here, it’s Summer!!

Miss Kris DIY Butterfly Push Pins Inspiration Board Office Decor BUTTERFLIES

Miss Kris DIY Butterfly Push Pins Inspiration Board Office Decor  PINSTo make these oh so pretty push pins add a healthy amount of glue to the top a push pin, then attach the butterflies and allow a little time to dry. I purchased these fake butterfly ties at Michael’s Craft Store but they’re available online here and here.

Miss Kris DIY Butterfly Push Pins Inspiration Board Office Decor DETAILS 1

Miss Kris DIY Butterfly Push Pins Inspiration Board Office Decor DETAIL 2

DIY: Chunky Jeweled Chain Necklace

Miss Kris Chunky Jewel Necklace DIYA few days ago I took the BuzzFeed “What Career Should You Have” quiz (here) that said I should be a designer. Maybe it meant I should be a jewelry designer, because we all know how much I love a good piece of bling, daaaarling! I love pieces to be overstated and bold. I love anything vintage, gold and covered in jewels. I love the work of designers like Loren Hope and Lulu Frost. And I love to make my own pieces, so maybe my BuzzFeed quiz was right!?!

I came across this chain at H&M for $10 (here) and knew I had to embellish it with jewels. I’ve been collecting these sew on craft jewels for years. Seriously, I’m distracted by anything shinny so every time I come across them, I buy them! Luckily you can shop one of my favorite jewelry supply stores in LA online. The Bead Factory (here) has a great collection of jewels in both gold and silver settings. Use a little E6000 to apply your favorite jewels to the chain in whatever design you desire. The unlimited options, in my opinion, is the best part about this project.

Miss Kris Chunky Jewel Necklace DIY 2The colorful and whimsical version for when you’re feeling bright and bold.

Miss Kris Chunky Jewel Necklace DIY 3The single stone for when you’re feeling glamorous and stately.

Miss Kris Chunky Jewel Necklace DIY 4The monochromatic smaller jewels version for when you’re feeling edgy.

Miss Kris Chunky Jewel Necklace DIY DETAIL

Miss Kris Chunky Jewel Necklace FULL 2-2Dress: Adrianna Papell | Shoes: Sole Society

Star Power: My DIY Jem And The Hologram Inspired Crystal Star Button Earrings

Miss Kris Jem And The Holograms Crystal Star Earrings DIYLots of questions about the star earrings I was wearing in my blog change announcement post (here). Yep you guys guess it… I made them! I actually made them years ago long before I was really into blogging. I was shopping vintage and this lady was selling a bag of metal buttons. In the bag I discovered these two star buttons. Instantly they remided me of my childhood hero, Jem of Jem and the Holograms fame (y’all remember her, right?!) and her magical star earrings. I removed the shank from the back of the earring and used E6000 to apply an earring post, but before doing so I spend a few hours applying tiny crystals to the buttons because I’m sure that’s what Jem would have wanted me to do! These earrings have got to be one of my truly prized crafted possessions. Pictured above with a few of my other favorite things: the Emily yellow neon lucite clutch from Tess Handbags, Essie‘s “Find Me An Oasis” polish and Maybelline‘s Hibiscus Haven lipcolor.

Click here to see how to use a similar DIY process to create fabulous button rings.

Miss Kris Jem And The Holograms Crystal Star Earrings DIY 2

Kiss, Kiss: DIY Lipstick Artwork

Miss Kris DIY Glitter N Glue Lipstick Kiss Art Valentine's  FRAMED ART I love creating my own works of art to frame and display in my home.  I’ve been seeing this pretty puckered up DIY floating around the internet and I thought they’d make the perfect, personalized addition to the walls of my apartment.

Creating this pieces is easy, although you might feel a little silly at times, it’s fun and I loved the way it turned out. First, collect a few of your favorite lipsticks. I chose two different shades, one red and one pink. Paint your lips with one color and well… kiss the paper. Randomly place your kisses across the paper until the image becomes faint, then apply more lipstick and pucker up! Repeat this process with your other lip colors. The trick is to layer up your paper with different imprints and colors.

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, don’t forget to sign it frame it and add a little color to a boring white wall. Or you use it as wrapping paper for your Valentine’s gifts (here) or use this same technique to create Valentine’s Day cards (here).

Enjoy! xo

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