VIDEO: Rock Solid Gold Bookends DIY

It’s amazing the transformation a coat of spray paint can make. My metallic gold Krylon has transformed these rocks into fab decorative pieces. Thanks to all who emailed/ tweeted these golden nuggets as inspiration. You were right… a pair of rock solid gold bookends is just want my office needed!

Gold Nugget DIY


6 responses

  1. Love these!

    September 26, 2013 at 6:35 pm

  2. I like this idea! You make the best videos.

    September 28, 2013 at 9:17 am

  3. Really god idea

    September 29, 2013 at 9:21 am

  4. Lee

    These are awesome, I agree spray paint does miracles. I’m addicted, lol!

    October 14, 2013 at 4:37 pm

  5. Great way to make rocks look expensive 😉

    October 15, 2013 at 4:09 am

  6. Such a good idea for anyone on a student budget (or any kind of budget really!). I really like your blog, you’ve got some great ideas x

    October 30, 2013 at 10:43 am

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