DIY that’s to DYE for…leopard tights!

In the Vainglorious video that we posted last week, Edie from Rit Dye showed us how to use their dye to create patterns on ordinary pair of tights.  This is probably one of my favorite DIY tutorials for the Fall. Tights are the perfect blank canvas for us to express our creativity and stay warm in the cold weather.

On the Rit Dye site they have a great tutorial where they show us how to achieve a leopard print. Leopard is a hot trend this Fall and I decided to apply this technique to a pair of nude tights. Click here to see the Rit Dye tutorial.

My only suggestion, should you try this tutorial yourself, is to paint on the pattern with a brush. The sponges weren’t as effective as when I painted on my leopard spots with a brush.


2 responses

  1. Holy Moly, they came out just gorgeous! I’ve never tried working with nude tights. Great idea.
    Love how everyone can put their own spin on it.

    November 8, 2010 at 9:24 am

  2. Ok well that settles it. I have seen enough. you are just way too hot, talented + glam. I must link to you + follow you via bloglovin’ ^_^


    December 5, 2010 at 9:02 pm

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